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    Caliban - Gravity | PREORDER AVAILABLE

    We’re excited to announce that Gravity is now available to pre-order in many different packs on

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    Lighting Designer • Caliban

    Schaut unserem "Human Torch", Friends Like You Agency, bei seiner Arbeit für uns über die Schulter. 
    "Fackel an!!!"

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    Vainstream 2016 announcement

    Very happy to be a part of one of our favorite festivals ever - VainstreamFestival! 
    Thanks to our agency Kingstar Music for having us again \m/

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    New Album

    New Album


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    CALIBAN - 2015

    With 16+ years under their belts, Germany’s CALIBAN are by no means rookies to the metal circuit. Still they have maintained a fresh approach to every new album and will take some people by surprise with “Ghost Empire”.

    Soon after CALIBAN released their acclaimed album “I Am Nemesis” in February of 2012, the band began spreading their virus on the “Get Infected Tour” featuring We Butter The Bread With Butter, Winds Of Plague, Eyes Set To Kill and Attila

    Spring and summer saw them stopping at festivals such as Impericon Fest (D), Vainstream Rockfest (D), Dour (B) or Deichbrand (D). Autumn took them to Russia before they embarked on an extensive tour with Trivium and As I Lay Dying. This tour laid the foundation for their new friendship with Trivium which ultimately led to Trivium frontman Matt Heafy doing guest vocals on “Falling Downwards” – a track available on the limited as well as digital edition of 

    “Ghost Empire”. CALIBAN wrapped up a busy 2012 by teaming up with their longtime friends in HEAVEN SHALL BURN for 3 legendary shows in order to celebrate both bands’ 15 year anniversaries.

    During the summer of 2013 CALIBAN headed for China, played international festivals such as Greenfield Festival (CH), Nova Rock (A), Flame Festival (I), Graspop (B), With Full Force (D) and Elbriot (D), and added some one-off headlining shows in between. On said tour CALIBAN invited a camera team to join them on their nightliner in order to film an entertaining and in-depth documentary that provides the viewer with an intimate look into CALIBAN’s life on the road. This footage can be seen as part of the limited edition of “Ghost Empire”.

    By the time CALIBAN played their three anniversary shows with HEAVEN SHALL BURN guitarist Marc Görtz was itching to start writing again: “I usually collect loose ideas for riffs and arrangements over a certain amount of time. Everything I write is recorded as a demo. I’m even programming drums to see if a riff or a whole song really works.” Co-producer Benny Richter gets involved at an early stage by bouncing ideas back and forth with Marc.
    Since “Ghost Empire” is the 4th album they have produced together, Marc Görtz and Benny Richter are a well-established team. “Benny is almost like a 6th member of the band. By now he knows exactly where I want to take my ideas and is helping to shape them up.” 

    “Ghost Empire” shows CALIBAN with a revamped sound that follows the same direction they took with “I Am Nemesis”, while pushing things even further. The biggest novelty is Andy Dörner’s vocals. Aside from screaming he is also singing on “Ghost Empire”, sometimes together with his companion Denis Schmidt, sometimes on his own and other times with one of the several guest vocalists on the album such as Chirstoph Koterzina on “Good Man”. For the stunning “nebeL”, the band’s first song sung entirely in German, they received support from their longtime friend BastiBasti / Callejon (– who did the art for their album “Say Hello To Tragedy”). “Andy working really hard on his vocals gave the whole album a complete new sound”, explains Marc.  The album was mixed by Klaus Scheuermann and mastered by Olman Viper who both played an important role in the sound of “Ghost Empire“, according to Görtz. “It’s always good to bring in a pair of fresh ears and allow people to find completely new interpretations for certain aspects of an album. Klaus has the perfect ear for our sound. He knows exactly what we need while never trying to push anything onto us. Right now, I cannot think of anybody else that I’d want to mix our albums. When it comes to mastering I don’t know anybody who’s better than Olman Viper.”



    Caliban - Say Hello To Tragedy (2009)
    Caliban - Coverfield (ep) (2011)
    Caliban - I Am Nemesis (2012)
    Caliban - Ghost Empire (2014)
    • Caliban - 1998
    • A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven - 1999
    • The Split Program (Caliban vs. Heaven Shall Burn) - 2000
    • Vent - 2001
    • Shadow Hearts - 2003
    • The Opposite From Within - 2004
    • The Split Program 2 (Caliban vs. Heaven Shall Burn) - 2005
    • The Undying Darkness - 2006
    • The Awakening – 2007
    • Say Hello To Tragedy - 2009
    • Coverfield EP - 2011
    • I Am Nemesis - 2012
    • Ghost Empire - 2014



    • Andreas Dörner – Screams and Clean Vocals
    • Denis Schmidt – Clean Vocals and Guitar
    • Marc Görtz - Guitar
    • Marco Schaller - Bass
    • Patrick Grün - Drums





    nebeL feat. BastiBasti / Callejon
    This Oath
    We Are The Many
    Caliban's Revenge
    24 Years
    Davy Jones
    Walk Like The Dead
    yOUR Song







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