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    We are extremely happy to bring back Darkness Over X-Mas this year

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    Tour starts tomorrow

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  • BAND

    CALIBAN - 2016 "Gravity"

    Release Date: March, 25th 2016

    While the majority of the scene is aiming for a more melodic and overall accessible sound CALIBAN are plunging into darkness with their new album and heaviest offering to date, “Gravity”.

    Yet again the album was produced by Benny Richter and guitarist Marc Görtz as well as co-produced by Marcel Neumann. “Gravity” was recorded at Görtz’ Nemesis Studio by the guitarist himself who mixed the album together with Klaus Scheuermann. The approach wasn’t too different from the previous two albums, “I Am Nemesis” and “Ghost Empire”, with small, but crucial exceptions: First and foremost frontman Andreas Dörner added in more melodic shouts, second CALIBAN paid a lot of attention to the guitar sound which turned out more aggressive than on any other CALIBAN album. For the overall sound Görtz combined the roughness and grittiness of “I Am Nemesis” with the punch of “Ghost Empire” which made the melodies on the album stand out even more.

    While a part of the album is dealing with the darker side and facing your own demons, loss and addiction, the majority of the lyrics are a wake-up call to find your own inner strength and strive for a new beginning. “Gravity” touches upon topics such as solidarity and tolerance as well as the fight against prejudices, fascism and social exclusion. 

    Let’s allow for a closer look at the lyrics of each song:

    The opening track is about losing your identity and the struggle to regain it. Fueled by the media, lies and half-truths you easily get lost in a maze of other people’s opinions without questioning them. You deteriorate until you become a shadow or just an echo of other people’s positions. The song is a call to break out of the paralyzation.

    “Mein schwarzes Herz“
    Another song sung in German. There are similarities between war being “the father of all”, meaning where something new is born out of destruction, and interpersonal relationships. If you are being destroyed by someone emotionally it can potentially generate fresh power and show you a new path. Every end also means a new beginning.

    “Who I Am“
    Again, a song with a positive message: Get to know yourself, be bold and do not hide. It’s about being different as well as being tolerant with others, no matter if it’s about the outer appearance like accepting tattoos and piercings or elementary topics such as homosexuality, immigrants etc. which are not 100% accepted in our society yet.

    “Left For Dead“
    It’s a song about the end of a close friendship or breaking up with your best friend after finding out that you only got used and exploited while the person didn’t give a damn about you. You need to deal with a massive disappointment.

    “Crystal Skies“ (feat. Jamie Graham from Heart Of A Coward)
    You realize that you are addicted and cannot live without your drug and the feeling of comfort and warmth it offers – it relieves you from the pain and the grief... Up until the point when you are ready to fight and face the pain. If you win or lose the battle with addiction is open though...

    “Walk Alone“
    It’s a song about refugees and the borders and walls that they are meeting. Not all that glitters is gold in the “barb wire promised land”... Again it’s asking all of us to be tolerant to refugees and immigrants, change our viewpoints about them and instead to try and understand their position – basically to tear down those walls.

    “The Ocean's Heart” (feat. Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy)
    A song about animal rights and in particular against the brutal and senseless killing of whales – like on the Faroe Islands. It’s an emotional yet fierce duet between Andreas Dörner and Alissa White-Gluz who was more than happy to support a heartfelt topic. 

    The song tells a story about a love that’s lost and describes the moment you realize it’s at its end, but you simply do not want to accept it. You are not giving up the fight even though you know that all your efforts will be in vain. It’s a song in the tradition of “This Oath”, but taking it further.

    “For We Are Forever“
    The lyrics to the song are really positive: We are the ones that have the power to bring change. It’s a call to arms to fight fascism.

    “Inferno” (feat. Marcel Gadacz and Zachary Britt from Dream On Dreamer)
    Everybody carries a certain share of darkness in him- or herself. However, darkness isn’t necessarily just a bad thing, but one aspect of humanity.

    “No Dream Without A Sacrifice”
    Setting off to new shores and new horizons, shaking off dust and leaving your old life and self behind is the overall message. Instead you just live for the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. Leaving the past behind.

    It’s a fight against and outbreak out of the clutches of society and its lies, showing strength and courage instead of believing everything we are being told.

    To round things off Marcel Gadacz from Dream On Dreamer (who is also featured on “Inferno”) did the striking artwork for “Gravity”.

    After wrapping up the recordings for “Gravity“, CALIBAN played another installment of the ”Darkness Over Xmas“-tour that was sold out in all 3 cities at the end of 2015. The band is currently working on selected release shows in Germany as well as summer festivals which will be followed up by extensive touring in the fall. 



    Caliban - Gravity (2016)
    Caliban - Say Hello To Tragedy (2009)
    Caliban - Coverfield (ep) (2011)
    Caliban - I Am Nemesis (2012)
    Caliban - Ghost Empire (2014)
    • Caliban - 1998
    • A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven - 1999
    • The Split Program (Caliban vs. Heaven Shall Burn) - 2000
    • Vent - 2001
    • Shadow Hearts - 2003
    • The Opposite From Within - 2004
    • The Split Program 2 (Caliban vs. Heaven Shall Burn) - 2005
    • The Undying Darkness - 2006
    • The Awakening – 2007
    • Say Hello To Tragedy - 2009
    • Coverfield EP - 2011
    • I Am Nemesis - 2012
    • Ghost Empire - 2014
    • Gravity - 2016



    • Andreas Dörner – Screams and Clean Vocals
    • Denis Schmidt – Clean Vocals and Guitar
    • Marc Görtz - Guitar
    • Marco Schaller - Bass
    • Patrick Grün - Drums





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